Cameronians (SR) Travel Club Somme Trip 2016

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Seventeen members of the Travel Club decided to make a relaxed five day trip for the Battle of the Somme Commemoration in Peterborough Cathedral together with a few visits en route.

We set off from Glasgow by coach and spent our first night in Atherstone, where we stayed in a very interesting 1600’s Inn , the Red Lion, where we met up with two members who had made their own way. On our way we had called in to the town of Litchfield where we visited the Historical Cathedral.

The following day we set off for the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas where we laid a wreath to passed comrades and continued our journey to Peterborough .

At 10.30am the next day we formed up with members of the Royal British Legion and the Lord Mayor, for the service of remembrance in Peterborough Cathedral in the All Services Regimental Chapel. Again a wreath to old comrades was laid and some members took part in the service, reading from the Bible and selected Poems.

After the service we traveled to Central Park to meet up with the children from Southfields school who look after Jimmy the Donkey’s grave. The parade to Jimmy’s grave set off at 1315 with two pipers leading and followed by a ‘stand in’ Jimmy the Donkey wearing a replica Dickin Medal (Animals Victoria Cross) around his neck. The Lord Mayor together with other dignitaries formed part of the 200 group of participants who took part in the memorial service at the graveside where once again wreaths were laid.

That evening I organised a Regimental Dinner - The Lord Mayor of Peterborough, the President of The British Legion, the Class Teacher of Southfields School were our Guests, together with a special guest the Grandson of David Wright who looked after Jimmy till his death in 1943 . Many a dram was consumed.

The following day a very interesting visit was made to The Imperial War Museum at Duxford where we laid a Cameronian Poppy Cross at the memorial to conflicts since 1942.

And so to Day 5, when packed, we set off homewards stopping en route for lunch at Eden Camp an old Italian POW Camp now set up as a Military and War Time Museum. Both museum visits warranted more time to do each justice.

To end the trip 22 members met up in Glasgow Cathedral at 10.15am on the 3rd July to take part in the Combined Services Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of The Battle of the Somme

Ian Bilboe

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