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The rededication service of the rebuilt Nissen hut church at the Beverijings Museum Nieuwdorp in Holland was held on the 22 April this year. Davie McColl and I and members of The Cameronian Friends and Families Organisation were invited to participate.

A large museum has been constructed at Nieuwdorp depicting the battle of the Scheldt crossing to take Walcheren Island from the Germans (Operation Mallard). In this operation Canadian forces and the Cameronians played a leading part. During the battle the local church in Nieuwdorp was destroyed and the allied forces provided a Nissen hut to serve as a church for the local populace.

However when a new church was built the Nissen one was abandoned and fell into disrepair. The abandoned remains of this Nissen hut church were offered to the Museum. With generous support and hard work the original frame work was restored, new corrugated cladding fitted and the Nissen hut church was rebuilt in the Museum grounds.

Installed in the church as a permanent fixture is a show case with personal effects of Maj C Sixsmith Cameronians Scottish rifles. During the ceremony a Regimental Poppy Wreath was laid in memory of Major Sixsmith and all Cameronians who fell in that action, Davie McColl was asked to give a eulogy on the Cameronians in the Scheldt action (one of our Battle Honours) which was well received.

The service was well attended some 300 guests including the Canadian Ambassador and the Governor of Zeeland (to whom we were introduced). There was a fly past and wing salute by a vintage Avro trainer and a Piper was also in attendance, it was a very emotional service. We were treated like royalty, everyone was pleased we came to support them and for our part we were proud to represent the Regiment.

On any of my visits to this part of the Country I am amazed and humbled by the respect that is felt for the Cameronian Regiment.

You may care to note, we have been given an area in the new museum to display artefacts depicting Cameronian action in WWII

Ian Bilboe

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