‘The Black Hackle’ Newsletter - May 2017

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Greetings to our members, their families and the friends of the Association.

An appeal is made to our members who receive copies of the newsletter by “snail mail” to please let us have an e-mail address to which we can send future issues. Not only is the SA Post Office very slow but cost of mail has become very expensive. Please send your e mail address to kevdav.townsend@gmail.com

The year started off with our monthly meetings and lunches being well attended. It was not long and we were into the planning of the year’s activities. Amazing how time flies! On Saturday 6th May a function was held in the ODJ Room for a joint celebration of the Regimental Birthday (1st May) and Cameronian Day (14th May). This took the form of a supper for 20 guests and needless to say the celebration was most enjoyable with good food, good wine, good company and good entertainment.

Membership continues to grow and family members are welcome to join. Membership is not restricted to WR types but is open to anyone who has the interest of the Regiment and the Association at heart. Annual subs are R50-00 per annum. Please make your cheques payable to Witwatersrand Rifles Regimental Association and forward them to our postal address which is reflected above or EFT into the Association Account, details which are reflected under “Fund Raising”.

Extracted from “A Bugle Calls”
Mid 1915 the 1 South African Infantry Brigade was formed and recruits were sent to the training camp at Potchefstroom where they were equipped, drilled and inspected. In the last week of September the first infantry detachments were embarked for England and by 17 October the final draft of the 160 Officers and 5,648 men of the Brigade were en route to England. Early in October 1915 the South African Brigade began to re-assemble at Borden Camp in Hampshire, where the troops were to spend two-and-a -half months drilling and training in cold, rain and wind.

Best wishes to all,

Kevin Townsend (Lt Col ret)

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