Lieutenant Colonel David Murray died on 8 January 2017: born on 14 September 1921, he was a veteran of the Battle of Kohima

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Though a Queen’s Own Cameron Highlander since 1941 he was a life-long admirer of, student of, and writer on The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).  As such he was a good friend of the regiment.  He, like many Cameronians, became wearily used to the all-too-often confusion between the two regiments which, although both Scottish in origin, could hardly have been less alike.  He commanded the (3inch) mortar platoon at Kohima in April 1944 and later, in the recapture of Burma, he was mentioned in dispatches.

His obituary in The Times said: …’He stayed in the army until 1967 rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel but he also had a passion for the bagpipes. … From about 1952 on he was a prime mover in the establishment of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo as part of the city’s annual festival, and in 1955 won the contest of the Royal Scottish Pipers Society.’

He was in Edinburgh advising on and mentoring the massed pipes and drums at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo during the 1st Cameronians time in Edinburgh (1964-66) when they were much involved with the administration of the Tattoo, although the Cameronian Pipes and Drums (and Buglers) were very regular participants there for many years before that and right up to 1967, the year before their disbandment.

He wrote A Tribute to the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) which was published in The Dispatch, the journal of the Scottish Military History Society.  He was also the author of a seminal work on pipes and piping in his 1994 book, Music of the Scottish Regiments

This writer was much indebted to him for his contribution to a pamphlet on the Formation of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 26th and 90th, which appeared with the 2007 Covenanter (the Regimental Journal).



18 April 2017

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