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This was a wonderful occasion and a great way to end the 45th year of disbandment and for me a dream achieved. It was with some surprise that I discovered that the Cameronians had never officially marched in the London Cenotaph event. I was very conscious that time was running out for members who had actually served in the Regiment and it was therefore a case of now or never, as age crept up on us. With Major Grants’ help and support we were able to get tickets and a commitment from some members of the Regiment to march.

The day itself was bright and cold, but dry. We assembled at the Union Jack Club at 08.30 all very smartly turned out in Blazers Trews (one Kilt, Lowland Bonnet) Glengarries. Taxi provided free that day by London Taxis took us to Horse Guards Parade Ground where we assembled.

At 10.15 called to attention and marched to take up our position on Whitehall where the vast crowds gathered and where we watched the service on large screens. At 11.20 the first column set off and we were on the move by 11.45 to thunderous applause and clapping from the crowd. The atmosphere with the Bands playing and the crowds cheering was overwhelming and one not easily forgotten. Once we had marched past the Cenothaph the parade turned back into Horse Guards where we marched past Princess Anne who stood on the saluting base.

Following dismissal a group of us visited the Regimental plot at Westminster (see picture) to pay our respects before going on to the Union Jack Club for a splendid lunch and a dram or two!

We set a great example that day as ‘Cameronians’ and I was honoured to have been part of the team that marched that day.

Ian Bilboe