The Black Hackle - Witwatersrand Rifles Newsletter

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On a cold and wet mid–winters morning of 23rd June a number of our stalwarts gathered at the Army Gymnasium, Heidelberg shooting range to cater for the WR sponsored league shoot. As always, the army rule of “Hurry up and wait” was applied as we were instructed by the Chairman to be on the range at 06h00 to get preparations underway. Needless to say, the base only unlocks the access gate to the range at 07h00 which saw us standing around and waiting in the cold. Some of us had brought flasks of coffee which was very welcome. Once on the range we set up our equipment and soon the “boerie rolls”, tea and coffee were on the go. However, the weather did not play along and we were subjected to cold wind and intermittent driving rain. Off course the opening of the tent faced the wrong way did it not? Spare a thought for the shooters on the day who braved the weather. We sold all of the boerewors rolls but sales of cold drinks were very poor with the stock being taken back to the HQ. At least WR cleaned up in the competitions and some nice looking medals were awarded. We made a small profit for our funds and much time was spent socialising and “chewing the fat” in between cooking and selling which made the day enjoyable.

Our winter evening meetings have been well attended  and we were pleased to welcome visitors from the MOTH’s on the East Rand at one of our meetings. (more…)