Presentation of a new Regimental Flag to Major Niall Archibald SO2 Co-ord Edinburgh Garrison by the Regimental Trustees on 12 May 2012

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Readers will recall that at disbandment during May 1968, in reply to our Colonel of the Regiment Lieutenant General Sir George Collingwood, Major General FCC Graham said:

“General Sir George Collingwood and All Ranks The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). On this dark day in the history of the Scottish Infantry, we your sister Regiments stand beside you in deepest sympathy. Your proud Regiment never before forced to yield to its enemies is at long last overcome, not by sword but by the stroke of a Whitehall pen. Like you Sir, we believe that the Cameronian spirit will never die and that your Regiment will rise again to bear arms against the Queens’s enemies and we pledge ourselves to do all in our power to keep your memory alive. To this end we propose that the 14th May annually shall be held as Cameronian Day throughout the ranks of the Scottish Infantry.

On that day, your flag will fly on the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle….”

Once again, on the 14th May 2012,the Regimental Flag flew from the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle.