Latest Recommendations - Military Books

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Our web site contains a listing of some notable books and bioographies relating to The Cameronians.

The latest of these includes:

The Aden Insurgency by Jonathan Walker
A first class and comprehensive account of one of those half-wars at the close of Empire, written by a military historian the scope is large and covers the Kingdom of Sheba, the attempts at the federation of some of the disparate Sheikdoms and the Radfan Campaign.

‘Leopard on a Razor Wire’ by Michael Callendar
A collection of rousing stories as a British immigrant who witnessed a wildly oscillating pendulum from the peak of Apartheid in the late 1960s to the ‘New South Africa’ as termed today.

‘Not Much of a Souldier’ by David Christie
A fascinating book covering the ‘Killing Time’ from the Battle of Drumclog in 1679 to Dunkeld, and explores the development and character of the key players.

Further details on the Cameronians Web Site:

Latest: Information regarding the PJM Medal

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Please excuse scatter gun approach, especially if you don’t have the PJM Medal.

I now have confirmation from the MOD Army Medal Office regarding the wearing of this Medal.  Having been formally approved (Nov 11) it can be worn on the left chest with other British awards.  The general rule is that non-British medals should be worn to the left (when worn) of the group, after all British Insignia, Decorations and Medals and in the order of dates on which the foreign medals were conferred.

Branch Secretaries are asked to disseminate as widely as possible.

Billy Foster
Regtl Assoc Sec
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