News from The Witwatersrand Rifle Association

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The Witwatersrand Rifles Regimental Association celebrated Cameronian Day with a cocktail function¬†on the 14th May. Our Chairman, Maj Terry O’Halloran promised the Cameronian Family Organisation during our visit last year that we would observe the day in future and this was the first of these annual events.
We celebrated our annual Wits Week on 18th April with a parade and an officers mess formal dinner in the evening. Both were very successful and enjoyable events.

The Regiment has just had a company return from UN operations in the Sudan in which they acquitted themselves very well.

Kevin Townsend

Low Parks Regimental Museum in Hamilton

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Although the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) regiment disbanded in 1968, research is still active and continuing at the Low Parks Regimental Museum in Hamilton.

The Museum hold thousands of objects and archival documents relating to the Regiment and the museum staff are currently working to digitise large numbers of photographs and written records. This is being done with the help of an important group of volunteers, the Friends of Low Parks Museum.


Researchers working on projects relating to The Cameronians can make an appointment to the Museum offices to view archival material.

Appointments are made through the Museum but enquiries should provide as much notice as possible so that the Museum can gather research materials from their off-site stores.