Dunkeld Cathedral - Cameronian Battle Marker

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After some months of negotiation but with the support of Historic Scotland we have managed to secure two important additions to our cause at Dunkeld Cathedral namely a Battle Marker recording the event that took place on the 21st August 1689 and an enhanced Grave Marker to our first Commanding Officer who died in that battle, Lieutenant Colonel William Cleland.

On 26 June 2015 these two new additions were unveiled in the presence of the Regimental Trustees namely Majors Brian Leishman MBE, John Craig TD DL, Ian Farquharson and former member of the Regiment Mr Tam Balloch MBE, representing The Cameronians (SR) and Family Members Organisation together with those from Historic Scotland  who have made it possible, namely Mr Graeme Bell and Ms Karen Williamson and  most of the Apprentice Stonemasons (whose engraving skills the subject of much positive comment) and their Instructors.

We were privileged to have with us the Reverend Fraser Penny BA BD whose prayer of dedication was very welcome, as was the presence of Colonel David Arbuthnott late of the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) given also his connection with the Community Archives.

Following the unveiling the party repaired for refreshment to the Royal Hotel, Dunkeld.

Major Brian Leishman MBE



Message for Mr James Brennan from Pete Jordan

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I recently read your 2010 blog entry on the Cameronian website. Like your father, my father—L/Cpl. James Jordan, D Company, served in the 7th Cameronians during WWII.

When I was young, my father told me many tales of his six years with the 7th Cameronians. But later in his life, he didn’t speak much about it and thus I never really knew the full story. Unfortunately, my father died in 2004 and is no longer with us for him to tell his story. Recently I’ve been doing a great deal of research trying to piece together as much as I can of my father’s wartime service. Last year, I received his complete service record. And from the National Archives, I now have the entire WWII “War Diaries” of the 7th Cameronians. Through these official records and reports, I have a much fuller idea of where the battalion—and my father—were throughout the war.

Last month, my son and I took a bike trip through Zeeland and visited Dutch towns that my father and the 7th Cameronians had fought to liberate in Oct-Nov 1944 (Baarland – Oudeland – Ellewoutsdijk – Arnemuiden – Kleverskerke - Veere). In Ellewoutsdijk, we paid tribute to my father’s “best pal”—Rfn George Valentine—who was killed there on 28 October 1944. In  Kleverskerke, we paid tribute to Rfn Ken Deighton who was killed while clearing a Teller mine while my dad stood nearby shaving. We also visited the British military cemetery in Bergen-op-Zoom where we laid flowers at the grave sites of Ken Deighton, George Valentine and 14 other members of the 7th Cameronians.

Mr. Brennan, in your blog entry, photos of your father were posted and mentioned publishing his wartime diary. While I cannot help you with identifying any of the other soldiers in the photos, I am very interested in your father’s diary. It would be a tremendous help for me to be able to read a first-person account from a soldier who was in the same battalion as my father. Is there any way I could receive a copy of this from you (either hardcopy or digital)?  Of course, I will be happy to pay any associated costs.

Pete Jordan

NB: Reply please to Major Brian A S Leishman at info@cameronians.org

In Memory: Sergeant Stephen Fish of 2nd Battalion Cameronians Scottish Rifles

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It is with great sadness that I should inform you that my father, formally Sergeant Stephen Fish of the 2nd Battalion Cameronians Scottish Rifles has died. He served at Anzio, went on to Palestine and took part in the last major action for the regiment in Germany where he lost his best friend to a sniper. He received a mention in dispatches signed by Montgomery in 1946. Although he didn’t mention his wartime experiences very often it was obviously a very proud moment in his life and he talked of the Cameronians with great affection.

Colin Fish

Formal Handover of Cameronian House Glasgow

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On 19 May 2015 in the presence of HRH The Princess Royal,
there was a formal handover of Cameronian House, Glasgow.

Once it was clear that we, as a Regiment, no longer needed the Regimental Club in Glasgow, given the ever decreasing numbers of members, we the Regimental Trustees, following consultation with the City of Glasgow, decided that we should gift the building to a very good cause, namely Poppy Scotland.

The formal handover took place in the presence of HRH The Princess Royal in Glasgow on Tuesday the 19th May 2015.


An excellent gathering attended the handover in the company of the Regimental Trustees, Majors Brian Leishman MBE, John Craig TD DL, Ian Farquharson, Philip Grant with Major Lisle Pattison one time long standing Chairman of the Memorial Club Trustees and former Trustee and Mrs June McBain widow of Lt Col Ian McBain  a former long standing Chairman of the Regimental Trustees and former members of the Regiment namely Messrs:- James Bain, Allan Halliday, Thomas Balloch MBE, James Anderson, Alexander Maxwell and John McMillan all of whom served in the Battalion in the 50’s and three members of the Museum Staff whose contribution to the wall dedicated to the Regiment was exceptional, namely - John McGarrity, Lynsey Nicol and Barrie Duncan.

Current Activity in Cameronian House.   In gifting Cameronian House to Poppyscotland, the Regiment’s aim was initially that the building should be used as a drop-in advice centre for veterans.  However, rather than duplicate the function of Glasgow’s Helping Heroes, a City of Glasgow Council initiative established in 2010 as a drop-in centre, Cameronian House has been established instead as a base for Poppyscotland’s fundraising and volunteer activity in the West of Scotland.  The centre has 7 Poppyscotland staff working from it.


In addition, Cameronian House is being developed as a hub for wider Armed Forces charity activity.  Combat Stress and the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA) also have offices there, the former providing outreach clinics for clients in Glasgow, and the latter providing employment advice and assistance to Services leavers and veterans   The building is also available to other veterans charities wishing to use its conference rooms and ‘hot-desk’ facilities, the second of which have been provided to encourage collaborative work and wider activity in accordance with the Cameronians’ intentions.  Established peripatetic users since the building re-opened have included the Sailors’ Children’s Society and Legion Scotland.

Brian A S Leishman MBE


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June 11th 2015. Lanimer Day Parade in Lanark.

Meet at the corner of St Leonard Road and St Leonard Street.

Form up at 09.30 hrs for a prompt move of at 10.00 hrs.

June 20th 2015. South Lanarkshire Armed Forces Day.

Times and route to be advised.


June 27th 2015. Glasgow Armed Forces Day Parade.

The parade will form up at Holland St and then head north up Holland St,
then east on West Regent St, to West George St, marches around George Square

with eyes right at the Cenotaph on to South George Square and fall out.

Note that the route may have an alternative for veterans.

1. 11.30 hrs - form up.

2. 12.00 hrs - step off for George Square.

3. 12.15 hrs - all detachments in position in George Square.

July 4th 2015 Covenanters Prison, Edinburgh

13.00 hrs - service at the Covenanters Prison, Grayfriars Church Yard, Edinburgh.
Service will commence at 13.00hrs


August 23rd Service at Dunkeld Cathedral

11.00 hrs - church service in Dunkeld Cathedral.

After service go for lunch and a social afternoon.

Coach will depart Glasgow, Cowcaddens road 08.00 hrs with
pick up Hamilton 08.30 hrs and then proceed to Dunkeld.





Central Scotland Branch of the Parachute Regiment

May 9th VE Day 2015 and August 15th VJ Day 2015 Parades.

The 70th anniversary of VE Day and VJ Day:
Both these events start at 10.00 hrs with the church hall opening for tea and coffee,
followed by a service in Knightswood Parish Church at 11.00 hrs.

Then the laying of wreaths at the veterans monument, band and veterans form up including standards, march off and arrive at our destination, fall out and proceed to the Lincoln Lounge for buffet and social afternoon. 

All the above parades and events will be updated if they are
any change of dates and times and more information when known.




A wreath will be laid by a member of the organisation at all memorials.


List of Locations                                       Date and Time

Douglas -                                                  08.11.2015 at 10.30.hrs.

Central Station.                                          11.11.2015 at 10.30 hrs.
Memorial Kelvingrove.                                 08.11.2015 at 10.30 hrs.

Low Parks Museum.                                   26.10.2015 at 12.00 hrs.
Garden of Remembrance                             01.11.2015 at 10.30 hrs.
The Town Hall (no wreath required)               02.11.2015 at 18.15 hrs.
VC Memorial                                              11.11.2015 at 10.15 hrs.

Lanark.                                                     08.11.2015 at 10.15 hrs.

Assemble and form up Mabel Street.            08.11.2015 at 14.15 hrs.

Westminster Garden of Remembrance          05.11.2015 at 11.00 hrs.
Gates open at 09.00 hrs for 11.00 hrs.
Remembrance Parade                                 08.11.2015 at 11.00 hrs.
Form up Horse Guards Road.

Contact Mr I Bilboe for more information on the London Parades

Phone number 01245 469598


Lt Col John Murray, Majors Nick Carter, Donald Cameron,
Ted Martin and Mr John Muir.

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It is with great regret that I have to report the recent demise of the following officers.
Lt Col John Murray, Majors Nick Carter, Donald Cameron, Ted Martin and Mr John Muir.
Major Brian A S Leishman M.B.E.

Witwatersrand Rifles Golf Day - 25th August 2015

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Witwatersrand Rifles - Regimental Association 2015 Golf Day

You’re invited to join the Witwatersrand for their 2015 Regimental Association Golf Day

Date: 25 August 2015
Venue: Germistion Golf Club
Cost: R1400.00 per four ball
RSVP: Dennis Townsend
email: Dennis.townsend4@gmail.com
Telephone: 083 625 4136

A booking form together with more details on the event can be downloaded from this link >>>

The Centenary of the Battle of Neuve Chapelle

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The Centenary of the Battle of Neuve Chapelle was marked in France by a series of events in Neuve Chapelle on the weekend of 6th/8th March 2015.

The main event was a church service at which a new plaque was dedicated, wreaths were laid and the 2nd Battalion The Cameronians (Scottish Rifle) was remembered officially for the last time.

The Regiment was represented by Majors Grant, Maxwell, Sixsmith and Mr Daglish together with members of the Cameronians  (Scottish Rifles) and Family Members and their Travel Club group with representatives of the Royal British Legion and local dignitaries’. 

(The full report by Major PR Grant can be downloaded here >>>) .

Ed Boyle Photo Collection - 1st Battalion Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

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Ed Boyle’s fascinating collection of black and white photographs featuring many aspects of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).I commend to all who have interest in the affairs of the Regiment to look to this excellent website produced by Ed Boyle who served in the Regiment. Ed Boyle’s collection is noted at the LINKS element of the Regimental website but its content is such that I further commend it to you here. You can access the photo library at:
Major Brian A S Leishman MBE

Remembrance Day Ceremony - Cameronians in Paris - Nov 2014

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Representatives of The Cameronians, Friends and Family Members specifically Members of the Cameronian Travel Club accepted an invitation from the Paris Branch of The Royal British legion, to join them for the Commonwealth service in Notre Dame. One of our members namely Stephen Ingham is part of that branch. The Piper who played at the service was an ex Cameronian TA officer, Murdoch Macleod.It was a good trip and we flew the Standard of the Cameronians, Friends and Family Members on that occasion.

Major Brian A S Leishman MBE

Photo above: left to right Tam Balloch MBE ex 1st Bn, Eddie Crawford ex 1st Bn, Dick Gilmour ex 1st Bn, Jim Inghan father ex Cameronian, Andrew McMorrine ex Cameronians TA, Billy McNeil ex 1st Bn, Ian Bilboe ex 1st Bn, Tam Bryson ex Cameronian TA.

Photo below: Tam Balloch MBE and a wee French soldier.

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